from Pirmin Henseler

A dream came true. When I heard about the "straight2tape" philosophy for the first time,I knew... this is a new old way bringing music to live. Few years later we did it. This original song has been recorded "straight2tape". Means: Everything's live. No Overdubs, no editing. Just pure and directly to tape! Days of pure fun together with my dudes from Seven Years Gone featuring Jonas Inderbitzin and Ralph Zünd (mastermind of "straight2tape").

Damn Right is the first of two songs we've recorded that way. And it really means a lot to me.
Enjoy the song and spread it out!!!

Pirmin Henseler
Sony A9, Sony A7III
Pirmin Henseler
Pirmin Henseler's - Marco Costa - Damn Right
Pirmin Henseler's - Marco Costa - Damn Right